Danny Granger has felt healthy during training camp and is still working to figure out his permanent role on the Indiana Pacers.

Granger believes the Pacers will benefit with him in his comfort zone, as a starter, and with Lance Stephenson coming off the bench.

“I’ve always started, so obviously I’m more comfortable doing that,” Granger said. “And Lance, he’s more of a playmaker. So when he’s in the second group, I think he actually excels more. He has the ball in his hands, he can make plays. When he’s with the starting group, the ball’s going into the post or Paul [George] has it. I play off the ball a lot.”

The Pacers are looking for Stephenson to bring a spark as a reserve.

“He’s just a load,” David West said of Stephenson. “He’s a playmaker, a shot maker, a shot creator. Lance is a big part of what we’re trying to do, and he has to have a great year for us. He’s beyond that stage of kind of proving himself. It’s time for him literally to be who we know he is.”