Lance Stephenson's family and parents, Lance and Bernadette, feel at home in Indianapolis and believe in the Pacers' organizational plan to keep the young shooting guard long-term.

Larry Bird has made it clear that he will try to sign Stephenson to a new deal this offseason, when Stephenson becomes an unrestricted free agent. Stephenson has also stated his desire to remain with the Pacers.

“We're optimistic that he will stay here,” Stephenson's father said. “I listened to Larry Bird (at the press conference to announce Paul George's long-term contract last summer) say, 'Lance, you'll be sitting here with your dad.' That's what we believe. Until otherwise, that's the plan. Larry Bird said that and we bought into it. We believe it, Lance believes it.”

“We don't try to analyze the future to that point,” Stephenson's mother added. “That's out of our control. I guess when we get to that point … right now we're just focusing on day-to-day.”