Jason Kidd said on Monday evening that Larry Sanders will return to the Milwaukee Bucks soon.

Sanders was out with the flu and has been away more recently for personal reasons. Sanders hasn't played since Dec. 23.

There has been no shortage of speculation about the reasons for Sanders' extended absence. Sanders reportedly told the Bucks he doesn't want to play basketball anymore.

“Larry’s been working extremely hard," Kidd said in the interview. "He had the flu. He’s taking care of some personal things. That’s what it is. We’re hoping he joins the team shortly, hopefully in the next couple of days if not tomorrow, and moving forward. If tomorrow, that’s great. That’s all we can report…there’s no more, there’s no less."

Radio host Greg Matzek then asked if Sanders will play for the Bucks again this season and Kidd said yes.

“He’s ours. He’s part of the family," Kidd said.