Larry Sanders fractured his orbital bone in a February 2014 game against the Rockets. He chose not to take his doctor-prescribed painkillers, worrying that the pills could be addictive.

Sanders believes he may have been concussed but the Milwaukee Bucks never tested him.

"They kind of let me go to sleep on the training table and sent me home and didn't really think anything was wrong," he said. "And then, the next day, I find out I blew out the orbital in my face. That kind of went into the box of why I had to get out of here, just for your health. I didn't really feel safe with them—the league or Milwaukee—after that point."

Sanders became more tentative putting his body on the line after that.

"I felt that, if something did happen again, I wouldn't be properly taken care of," he said. "I wouldn't be properly tested. Maybe it would be ignored and I would be pressured to go back and all these things, when they haven't even addressed the issue yet."