The Miami Heat will have interest in signing Dwyane Wade if he agrees to a bench role at their $4.3 million exception.

Wade and the Chicago Bulls are interested in a buyout to allow him to play for a contender.

Wade was recently asked by David Aldridge about what his preference would be for the coming season.

“First of all, obviously, everyone wants to compete,” Wade said. “It's no secret. We would all love to compete for a championship at the end of my career. That is one thing I would love to do. I'm not in a position right now to do that so I can't talk about what that preference is. Hopefully, one day before I'm done playing this game, I can be back in position to compete for a championship.”

Aldridge asked if it’s fair to say he will report to the Bulls and provide leadership but “in a perfect world” would “be back on another team that can compete?”

The Cleveland Cavaliers also have interest in signing Wade.