Nearly two months after being traded by the Los Angeles Clippers to the Detroit Pistons, Blake Griffin is feeling settled with his new team.

Despite their struggles this season, Griffin believes in the future of the Pistons.

“This summer we will have a chance to really jell, figure stuff out. I think the ceiling of this team is very, very high. We have a lot of different guys who can do a lot of different things who can affect the game in a lot of different ways. Getting Reggie back (Jackson) will be huge,” Griffin said.

Griffin believes his style fits with the history of Detroit basketball.

“I was born in ’89, I wasn’t really watching the true ‘Bad Boy’ era,” Griffin said. “But the [2000s Pistons] was right in my prime of falling in love with the game of basketball and watching everything. I definitely remember all of those teams. But the thing that I really like about Detroit is this city embraces the hardnose, gritty, hardworking teams and hardworking players.

“Not a lot of cities embrace that type of mentality. That is exciting to me.”