The Toronto Raptors stepped up their defensive pressure as they beat the Orlando Magic 111-82 to even their playoff series at 1.

The Raptors held the Magic to a 42.6% effective field goal percentage while limiting them to just 0.78 points per pick-and-roll. D.J. Augustin finished with 9 points after a 25-point performance in game 1. 

"It was just more being locked in on every coverage, everything we wanted to do, just being on the same page and communication. We made sure we helped each other and made sure that if someone went to help, that someone helped the helper, and helped the helper's helper," said Kyle Lowry.

Lowry finished with 21 points after being held scoreless in game 1. 

"That is [Lowry] at his finest. Tonight he was charging up the floor and pushing the ball, passing, shooting, driving, kicking, made steals, hands on everything, rebounded. He was doing it all," added Nick Nurse.