Daryl Morey predicted the Houston Rockets' starting five will return next season despite reports that he has been aggressive on the trade market and has made everyone conceivably available. 

“My job is to make the best team possible, give us a chance to win a championship,” Morey said. “My job is to look at every aspect of the organization. How can we improve? Whether that be players, … yeah we’re going to look for better players."

The Rockets have also begun to overhaul their coaching staff.

“Whatever it takes to get over that final hump to get a championship, that’s what we’re going to do. On the coaching front, I … recommended we make some changes. If there’s a trade out there that helps us, great, we’ll do that as well.

“Our starting five this year I would put up there with anyone. If there's a trade out there that helps we'll do that. We're going to keep all of our key people."