Russell Westbrook said that the Houston Rockets had to stick together following their 124-115 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. It was their third straight loss, and fourth loss out of their last five games.

"We've got to stay positive, man. Like I said the other day, in adversity, whatcha gonna do? Gotta look at yourself, stay locked in. It's a part of the season, man. It happens, but now, as a unit, as a team, we've got to stick together," said Westbrook after the game.

The Rockets are currently in sixth place in the Western Conference standings.

James Harden added that the team are built to fight through adverse parts of the season.

"It happens to I think every team throughout the course of the year, but tough times don't last long, especially for people and teams that are built for it. We've just got to continue to fight through it, continue to get better, keep grinding through moments like these," said Harden.