Doc Rivers said that he expects Lou Williams to join the Los Angeles Clippers in Orlando.

Williams previously said he was "50-50" on resuming his season because he did not want basketball games to distract people from the Black Lives Matter movement. 

"As far as Lou, all indications [are] that yes, he is [playing]. Obviously, up until we get on the plane, anything can happen. But I do expect Lou to be with us. I would be very surprised if he's not," said Rivers.

Rivers added that he doesn't think any Clippers will opt out of the bubble.

"It is their choice and we support that. There are so many reasons for everybody to play but there are also very valid reasons for guys to opt out. I don't think many will. I think they are all invested in what we are trying to do. But again you don't hold it against anyone on any team. This is extraordinary times and we just have to support each other."