James Harden addressed the media for the first time since his trade from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets.

Harden said he doesn't believe he was disrespectful to anyone as his career with the Rockets came to a close, but he does regret how the situation unfolded.

"I've been there for a very long time," Harden said of the Rockets. "I have been through all the ups and downs, you know, with that organization. And I wasn't disrespectful toward anyone. I just made a comment that the team as a whole wasn't good enough to compete for a title. And at this stage in my career, where I am now, that's what I would love.

"And so, I wasn't trying to be disrespectful to anybody -- especially not to the organization. And like I said, I am excited to be here in Brooklyn and, you know, excited for a new start."


Harden said he felt the Rockets "didn't have a chance" but said some of his behavior and public comments were uncharacteristic of him.

"I regret it because I'm not the type of guy to -- I don't need the attention," Harden said. "The ultimate goal was to get to somewhere where I can compete, and here I am in Brooklyn."

Harden said he will have to lean into his playmaking abilities to coexist with "elite scorers" like Durant and Kyrie Irving.

"I think, for me, giving myself a chance is very, very important," Harden said. "Younger, giving myself a chance but wanting to get paid and wanting to take care of my family was very, very important to me. Now, at this stage of my career, it's giving myself a chance to do something that I haven't accomplished yet in this league. That's why I'm here in Brooklyn."

"Obviously we know it's not easy," Harden added. "With this roster and this coaching staff and this organization, I think we have a legit chance."