Neil Olshey was asked by Jason Quick of The Athletic about his job security running the Portland Trail Blazers amid an offseason of uncertainty for the franchise.

"Well, I'm running the coaching search," said Olshey. "I have multiple years left on my contract. I think the feeling is that in this instance, well in the past there may have been questions, the first round loss and the defensive rating at 29 was not a product of the roster."

While Olshey appeared to blame the playoff loss and defensive struggles on Terry Stotts, he added his job security ultimately depends on how he's viewed by owner Jody Allen.

"I will tell you that all of us, myself included, serve at the pleasure of Jody Allen. And we will all be here for as long as she sees value in our contribution."

Olshey added that Portland's next coach will inherit an elite offensive roster and that the defense needs to improve.