The Toronto Raptors kept OG Anunoby at the trade deadline despite considerable interest. ESPN's Bobby Marks said approximately half the league submitted offers to the Raptors for Anunoby.

Zach Lowe detailed the interest in Anunoby from the Memphis Grizzlies and Indiana Pacers.

"For instance, I've heard Memphis offered three first round picks for Anunoby," said Lowe on his podcast. "But Toronto made it clear to these teams like 'we want a player too.' I don't think that sort of player was on the table at least from their view at least in Memphis.

"Indiana, I heard offered three first round picks and the Rockets' second round pick, which I believe they own in this upcoming draft. Which is almost like another first round pick.

"But again, the player chip wasn't there for Toronto and they moved to fight another day."

The Golden State Warriors also discussed a trade for Anunoby, but are not believed to have been close to discussing the details of a move.