Steve Kerr cited a loss of trust following Draymond Green's punch of Jordan Poole during training camp as one of the reasons the Golden State Warriors were unable to repeat as champions.

"Anytime some trust is lost, then it makes the process much more difficult, and there was some trust lost," Kerr said at his exit interview on Tuesday. "That's as blunt as I can be. We have to get back to what has made us really successful, which is a really trusting environment and a group that relies on one another and makes each other better."

Green spent a week away from the Warriors, but he was not suspended for any games in a move that was widely believed to be due to the franchise not wanting him to miss ring night.

"There's no hiding from it -- the incident with Draymond and Jordan at the beginning of the year played a role in that," Kerr said. "It's hard for that not to impact a team."