BC VEF Riga Depth Charts

2016-2017 BC VEF Riga VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Abdul Gaddy
3.8p 1.4r 4.0a
Armands Skele
10.0p 3.8r 3.4a
Mareks Mejeris
8.2p 6.0r 2.2a
Arnas Labuckas
7.5p 3.8r 1.0a
Martins Meiers
18.0p 6.0r 1.2a
Rotation   Kris Richard
9.2p 4.4r 4.4a
A. Helmanis
2.4p 2.2r 0.4a
  Ilja Gromovs
5.8p 2.0r 0.2a
Rotation   Janis Blums
18.4p 3.2r 3.6a
Lim PT   E. Hazners
3.0p 1.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2016-2017 BC VEF Riga Leaders

MPG Mareks Mejeris 27.7
FG% Martins Meiers .556
3P% Janis Blums .398
FT% Kris Richard .923
ORPG Mareks Mejeris 3.0
DRPG Martins Meiers 3.2
RPG Mareks Mejeris 6.0
APG Abdul Gaddy 4.6
BPG Nemanja Bezbradica 0.9
SPG Kris Richard 1.7
PPG Janis Blums 19.1

2015-2016 BC VEF Riga VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Ingus Jakovics
7.6p 2.4r 2.0a
Paco Cruz
12.2p 1.8r 7.0a
Josh Bostic
12.6p 4.8r 3.2a
Mareks Mejeris
13.0p 5.0r 2.8a
J. Harrellson
13.4p 10.2r 1.2a
Rotation Anthony Miles
3.6p 1.4r 1.4a
Davis Geks
3.5p 0.8r 0.5a
Greg Smith
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Guille Rubio
2.6p 2.8r 0.4a
Martins Meiers
8.2p 2.6r 0.8a
Rotation   A. Strelnieks
1.4p 1.2r 0.2a
Janis Berzins
10.4p 3.4r 2.8a
Lim PT         Ricmonds Vilde
1.5p 0.5r 0.5a

2015-2016 BC VEF Riga Leaders

MPG Paco Cruz 27.0
FG% Martins Meiers .617
3P% Josh Bostic .415
FT% Speedy Smith 1.000
ORPG Mareks Mejeris 2.7
DRPG Josh Harrellson 6.1
RPG Josh Harrellson 7.8
APG Ludde Hakanson 5.4
BPG Josh Harrellson 1.1
SPG Josh Bostic 1.2
PPG Paco Cruz 13.5

2014-2015 BC VEF Riga VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Ingus Jakovics
5.8p 0.8r 1.8a
G. Robinson
17.6p 3.8r 4.8a
Janis Timma
14.5p 4.2r 4.5a
Mareks Mejeris
11.2p 8.4r 1.8a
Bamba Fall
5.5p 4.0r 0.5a
Rotation C.J. Harris
9.6p 3.0r 3.2a
Rob Lowery
6.0p 2.3r 3.3a
  Ronalds Zakis
11.6p 4.8r 0.8a
Rotation   A. Strelnieks
2.4p 2.8r 0.8a
  Janis Berzins
4.6p 3.0r 2.2a
Rotation       Arturs Berzins
2.6p 2.8r 1.4a

2014-2015 BC VEF Riga Leaders

MPG Gerald Robinson 31.1
FG% Mareks Mejeris .565
3P% Ronalds Zakis .500
FT% Justin Cobbs 1.000
ORPG Mareks Mejeris 2.0
DRPG Bamba Fall 3.6
RPG Mareks Mejeris 5.5
APG Gerald Robinson 5.2
BPG Bamba Fall 1.3
SPG Rob Lowery 1.8
PPG Gerald Robinson 17.9

2013-2014 BC VEF Riga VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Dee Brown
12.0p 2.0r 6.0a
K. Janicenoks
12.3p 2.3r 4.7a
R. Kuksiks
10.2p 1.8r 1.0a
A. Robinson
16.2p 5.4r 1.6a
Derrick Nix
14.2p 6.8r 1.8a
Rotation Ingus Jakovics
3.0p 1.5r 2.5a
A. Strelnieks
1.6p 2.8r 1.2a
Gatis Jahovics
8.4p 3.0r 2.6a
Arturs Berzins
6.4p 3.8r 2.0a
Rotation K. Plavnieks
1.3p 0.7r 1.7a
  Christian Polk
17.5p 0.5r 2.0a
Lim PT         A. Pasecniks
1.0p 1.5r 0.0a
Lim PT         Viktors Iljins
1.8p 0.8r 0.4a

2013-2014 BC VEF Riga Leaders

MPG Dee Brown 32.7
FG% Christian Polk .583
3P% Christian Polk .667
FT% Kenan Bajramovic .904
ORPG Derrick Nix 2.5
DRPG Kenan Bajramovic 5.0
RPG Kenan Bajramovic 6.6
APG Dee Brown 6.3
BPG Kenan Bajramovic 0.4
SPG Christian Polk 2.0
PPG Christian Polk 17.5

2012-2013 BC VEF Riga VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters E.J. Rowland
16.3p 5.5r 5.4a
K. Janicenoks
11.8p 1.8r 2.1a
Will Daniels
11.2p 3.3r 1.0a
A. Kavaliauskas
9.3p 5.5r 0.7a
K. Berzins
8.9p 5.4r 0.7a
Rotation   Dairis Bertans
9.1p 1.8r 2.0a
Gatis Jahovics
2.7p 2.4r 1.1a
D. Zavackas
10.1p 4.6r 1.2a
J. Hamilton
9.3p 5.8r 0.5a
Rotation   A. Strelnieks
2.1p 1.8r 0.5a
Rotation   Davis Geks
3.4p 1.0r 1.0a
Lim PT   Luke Loucks
1.5p 0.3r 0.7a
Ivars Zvigurs
0.0p 1.0r 0.0a
Lauris Blaus
3.0p 2.1r 0.3a
A. Pasecniks
4.2p 1.2r 0.0a

2012-2013 BC VEF Riga Leaders

MPG E.J. Rowland 29.5
FG% Justin Hamilton .560
3P% Gatis Jahovics .600
FT% Luke Loucks 1.000
ORPG Antanas Kavaliauskas 2.1
DRPG E.J. Rowland 4.7
RPG Justin Hamilton 5.8
APG E.J. Rowland 5.4
BPG Kaspars Berzins 0.8
SPG E.J. Rowland 1.9
PPG E.J. Rowland 16.3

2011-2012 BC VEF Riga VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Curtis Millage
9.4p 2.8r 2.6a
Dairis Bertans
12.2p 2.4r 2.6a
K. Janicenoks
13.3p 3.2r 2.7a
K. Berzins
9.1p 6.1r 1.5a
A. Kavaliauskas
6.9p 2.9r 0.9a
Rotation Maurice Bailey
7.0p 1.0r 2.3a
Sandis Valters
10.5p 1.8r 2.0a
Gatis Jahovics
3.5p 2.8r 0.9a
D. Zavackas
13.3p 4.8r 1.3a
Courtney Sims
13.8p 7.0r 1.0a
Rotation Marque Perry
3.7p 0.8r 0.9a
  S. Vene
4.0p 0.5r 0.5a
Tyler Cain
3.3p 5.4r 1.1a
Rotation     Janis Berzins
1.9p 1.4r 0.2a
Lim PT Davis Geks
2.0p 1.0r 0.0a
  Da'Sean Butler
0.0p 1.0r 0.0a
Lim PT J. Kaufmanis
0.0p 0.0r 0.5a

2011-2012 BC VEF Riga Leaders