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Khalif Wyatt Signs With Guangdong Southern Tigers

Khalif Wyatt played with the 76ers in training camp.

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Jianlian YiGST23.34
Khalif WyattGST15.04
Josh PowellGST14.98
Shipeng WangGST12.32
Fangyu ZhuGST11.52
Jianlian YiGST12.85
Josh PowellGST9.88
Hanlin HanlinGST4.67
Shipeng WangGST3.37
Fangyu ZhuGST2.79
Khalif WyattGST4.93
Shipeng WangGST3.03
XiaoYu LiuGST2.23
Jianghua ChenGST2.12
Josh PowellGST1.60
Jianlian YiGST1.44
Josh PowellGST0.40
Zhou PengGST0.21
Fangyu ZhuGST0.19
Khalif WyattGST0.15
Jianlian YiGST1.78
Khalif WyattGST1.33
XiaoYu LiuGST1.20
Fangyu ZhuGST1.05
Shipeng WangGST1.00
Josh PowellGST0.58
Hanlin DongGST0.56
Jianlian YiGST0.54
Yuanyu LiGST0.52
Hanlin HanlinGST0.50

Guangdong Southern Schedule

Top Performers for March 13, 2014

Guangdong Southern Standings

Date / TimeOpponentResult
3/04 8:00 PM
Beijing Shougang
L, 90-87
3/06 8:00 PM
Beijing Shougang
W, 99-96
3/08 8:00 PM
Beijing Shougang
L, 109-104
3/11 8:00 PM
Beijing Shougang
W, 101-109
3/13 3:00 AM
Beijing Shougang
L, 110-102

* All times Eastern

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Stephon MarburyBeijing ShougangPoints31
Jianlian YiGSTPoints30
Josh PowellGSTRebounds15
Randolph MorrisBeijing ShougangRebounds12
Stephon MarburyBeijing ShougangAssists5
Zhou PengGSTAssists5
Jianlian YiGSTBlocks2
Randolph MorrisBeijing ShougangBlocks2
Yue SunBeijing ShougangSteals4
Royal IveyGSTSteals3
Stephon MarburyBeijing ShougangFIC19.1
Josh PowellGSTFIC19.0

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Regular Season
1Guangdong Southern30-4-
2Xinjiang Guanghui26-84
4Beijing Shougang23-117
5Zhejiang Guangsha21-139
6Shanghai Dongfang20-1410
8Tianjin Ronggang20-1410
11Jiangsu Nangang15-1915
12Sichuan Blue Whales14-2016
13Zhejiang Chouzhou13-2117
14Jilin Northeast12-2218
15Guangdong Foshan11-2319
16Shanxi Zhongyu10-2420
17Bayi Fubang6-2824

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