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Byron Mullens Signs With Shanxi Zhongyu

Byron Mullens has signed a contract with Shanxi Zhongyu in China.

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Marcus E. WilliamsSZD28.91
Charles GainesSZD24.52
JiangPeng DuanSZD14.03
ZhaoBao GeSZD10.50
Pengfei YanSZD6.56
Charles GainesSZD14.12
Marcus E. WilliamsSZD5.34
ZhaoBao GeSZD5.15
Pengfei YanSZD3.35
Zhijiang XingSZD3.12
Marcus E. WilliamsSZD3.66
Zhishan HongSZD2.74
JiangPeng DuanSZD1.62
Charles GainesSZD1.45
ZhaoBao GeSZD0.71
Zhijiang XingSZD0.64
ZhaoBao GeSZD0.62
Pengfei YanSZD0.62
Charles GainesSZD0.45
Marcus E. WilliamsSZD0.41
Marcus E. WilliamsSZD2.41
JiangPeng DuanSZD1.50
Zhishan HongSZD1.16
Charles GainesSZD1.09
Zhijiang XingSZD0.85
Charles GainesSZD0.58
Marcus E. WilliamsSZD0.56
ZhaoBao GeSZD0.51
Pengfei YanSZD0.47
Murat AdiljanSZD0.44

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