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DeAndre Daniels Signs One-Year Deal With Perth

DeAndre Daniels will start his professional basketball career in Australia.

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James EnnisPER21.18
Jermaine BealPER15.58
Shawn RedhagePER13.61
Jesse WagstaffPER10.45
Damian MartinPER7.61
James EnnisPER7.18
Tom JervisPER4.79
Greg HirePER4.76
Damian MartinPER4.73
Shawn RedhagePER4.48
Damian MartinPER4.09
Jermaine BealPER3.36
Shawn RedhagePER2.64
James EnnisPER2.06
Greg HirePER1.33
Tom JervisPER1.18
James EnnisPER0.85
Damian MartinPER0.52
Shawn RedhagePER0.36
Jesse WagstaffPER0.24
Damian MartinPER2.24
James EnnisPER1.42
Jesse WagstaffPER0.58
Shawn RedhagePER0.55
Jermaine BealPER0.52
Matthew KnightPER0.49
Shawn RedhagePER0.48
James EnnisPER0.47
Jesse WagstaffPER0.46
Tom JervisPER0.46

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