Busan KT Sonicboom Depth Charts

2015-2016 Busan KT Sonicboom South Korean KBL Depth Chart

Starters Jaedo Lee
14.0p 4.2r 3.0a
Sung-Min Cho
8.8p 3.6r 4.4a
Marqus Blakely
16.2p 8.2r 4.0a
Sang-Oh Park
8.0p 2.7r 3.0a
Courtney Sims
17.5p 10.8r 2.0a
Rotation Changjin Choi
4.8p 0.8r 2.4a
Min-Jae Lee
8.0p 2.7r 1.3a
Lim PT Kwang-Jae Lee
0.5p 0.5r 0.5a
    Seong-Ju Min
2.0p 1.0r 0.0a
Lim PT       Hyeonmin Kim
0.0p 0.6r 0.2a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2015-2016 Busan KT Sonicboom Leaders

MPG Jaedo Lee 31.5
FG% Courtney Sims .701
3P% Yeo-Kwon Yoon .391
FT% Oh-Chang Wan 1.000
ORPG Courtney Sims 4.0
DRPG Courtney Sims 7.1
RPG Courtney Sims 11.1
APG Jaedo Lee 3.7
BPG Marqus Blakely 1.0
SPG Marqus Blakely 1.7
PPG Courtney Sims 17.6

2014-2015 Busan KT Sonicboom South Korean KBL Depth Chart

Starters Jaedo Lee
4.2p 1.0r 3.8a
Hyun-Soo Kim
11.2p 1.4r 2.0a
Seung-Youn Woo
3.4p 2.2r 0.6a
Charles Rhodes
25.6p 9.8r 1.8a
Seung Won Kim
9.2p 5.2r 1.4a
Rotation Yeo-Kwon Yoon
5.8p 1.4r 1.0a
Yong-Jun Oh
9.2p 1.4r 2.4a
    Evan Brock
2.2p 3.0r 1.0a
Rotation Tony Akins
2.6p 1.6r 3.4a
Rotation Sung-Min Cho
2.0p 1.3r 2.3a
Lim PT     Young-Jin Song
0.0p 1.0r 0.0a
Hyeonmin Kim
4.0p 3.8r 0.2a

2014-2015 Busan KT Sonicboom Leaders

MPG Tony Akins 26.2
FG% Hyeonmin Kim .684
3P% Young-Hoon Lee .500
FT% Seung-Youn Woo 1.000
ORPG Charles Rhodes 2.5
DRPG Charles Rhodes 5.7
RPG Charles Rhodes 8.2
APG Tony Akins 3.9
BPG Charles Rhodes 1.7
SPG Sung-Min Cho 1.8
PPG Charles Rhodes 16.0

2013-2014 Busan KT Sonicboom South Korean KBL Depth Chart

Starters Bak-Seong Jeun
14.0p 3.5r 4.0a
Woo-Ram Kim
5.6p 2.0r 1.4a
Sung-Min Cho
10.2p 2.8r 3.2a
Ira Clark
14.4p 8.2r 1.2a
Young-Jin Song
11.4p 3.2r 2.0a
Rotation Tony Akins
4.3p 2.0r 3.3a
  Yong-Jun Oh
5.8p 1.4r 0.6a
Rotation     Juan Pattillo
9.4p 5.0r 0.8a
Lim PT Hyun-Joong Kim
1.8p 0.8r 0.6a
Jong-Bum Kim
1.8p 0.8r 0.2a
Seong-Ju Min
0.4p 0.2r 0.0a
  Seung Won Kim
1.0p 1.0r 0.0a
Lim PT Yeo-Kwon Yoon
1.0p 0.0r 0.5a
Min-Jae Lee
0.0p 0.0r 0.5a

2013-2014 Busan KT Sonicboom Leaders

MPG Sung-Min Cho 32.1
FG% Jongill Lim 1.000
3P% Seung Won Kim 1.000
FT% Yong-Jun Oh .966
ORPG Ira Clark 1.6
DRPG Ira Clark 5.2
RPG Ira Clark 6.9
APG Tony Akins 4.4
BPG Anthony Richardson 1.1
SPG Sung-Min Cho 1.5
PPG Anthony Richardson 17.7

2012-2013 Busan KT Sonicboom South Korean KBL Depth Chart

Starters Hyun-Joong Kim
3.8p 1.1r 2.0a
Dong-Hyun Cho
6.0p 1.4r 1.5a
Young-Jin Song
5.8p 2.4r 1.1a
Sung-Min Cho
12.8p 3.0r 2.6a
Jasper Johnson
19.6p 8.0r 3.1a
Rotation Yeo-Kwon Yoon
3.6p 0.9r 0.6a
Do-Soo Kim
9.6p 3.2r 0.5a
Jongill Lim
4.9p 2.4r 1.8a
Bryan Davis
6.4p 3.4r 0.7a
Jang-Hoon Seo
8.4p 3.0r 1.3a
Rotation   Myung-Jin Kim
3.1p 1.2r 2.0a
Seong-Ju Min
7.0p 2.3r 1.1a
Ryan Wright
3.9p 2.9r 0.4a
Darian Townes
11.5p 6.3r 1.1a
Rotation   Yong-Jun Oh
4.9p 0.8r 0.8a
    Jaeseok Jang
5.5p 3.2r 0.8a
Lim PT Sung-Woon Park
1.0p 0.8r 0.4a
  Hyeonmin Kim
1.4p 2.0r 0.1a
  T. Roberts
2.8p 0.8r 0.5a

2012-2013 Busan KT Sonicboom Leaders

MPG Sung-Min Cho 30.2
FG% Ryan Wright .566
3P% Seong-Ju Min .650
FT% Sung-Min Cho .892
ORPG Darian Townes 2.4
DRPG Jasper Johnson 6.3
RPG Jasper Johnson 8.0
APG Jasper Johnson 3.1
BPG Darian Townes 2.0
SPG Jasper Johnson 1.7
PPG Jasper Johnson 19.6

2011-2012 Busan KT Sonicboom South Korean KBL Depth Chart

Starters Woo-Sub Yaung
5.4p 2.1r 2.1a
Sang-Oh Park
11.5p 3.9r 2.0a
Sung-Min Cho
13.3p 2.4r 2.8a
Young-Jin Song
6.4p 2.9r 1.3a
Charles Rhodes
21.1p 11.7r 1.5a
Rotation Dong-Hyun Cho
6.6p 1.5r 1.9a
Do-Soo Kim
7.1p 2.5r 2.2a
    Reggie Okosa
15.0p 8.4r 2.2a
Rotation Myung-Il Pyo
2.4p 1.2r 2.1a
Rotation Sung-Woon Park
1.1p 0.7r 0.8a
Lim PT Yeo-Kwon Yoon
1.6p 0.4r 0.6a
Hwan-Kim Young
1.4p 1.3r 0.8a
Hyeonmin Kim
3.9p 2.1r 0.3a
Lim PT Jae-Uk Park
1.3p 0.0r 0.0a
Sang-Il Lee
1.1p 0.4r 0.3a

2011-2012 Busan KT Sonicboom Leaders

MPG Charles Rhodes 35.8
FG% Charles Rhodes .623
3P% Sung-Min Cho .380
FT% Woo-Sub Yaung .905
ORPG Reggie Okosa 4.0
DRPG Charles Rhodes 8.0
RPG Charles Rhodes 11.7
APG Sung-Min Cho 2.8
BPG Charles Rhodes 2.5
SPG Sung-Min Cho 1.3
PPG Charles Rhodes 21.1