Amics Castello Depth Charts

2014-2015 Amics Castello Spanish LEB Silver Depth Chart

Starters Carles Marzo
7.6p 2.4r 2.0a
M. Rodriguez
12.6p 3.4r 1.4a
A. Fernandez
0.6p 0.2r 0.6a
A. Bortolussi
12.6p 5.4r 1.6a
Nick Washburn
12.8p 7.2r 1.4a
Rotation Joan Faner
6.0p 1.4r 3.8a
J. Garcia
6.2p 1.4r 1.8a
Juan Cabot
9.4p 2.8r 0.6a
Victor Hidalgo
6.2p 4.0r 1.6a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2014-2015 Amics Castello Leaders

MPG Manuel Rodriguez 26.4
FG% Victor Hidalgo .581
3P% Nick Washburn .500
FT% Unai Lacalle Perez de Arrilucea 1.000
ORPG Nick Washburn 2.5
DRPG Nick Washburn 5.5
RPG Nick Washburn 8.0
APG Joan Faner 3.6
BPG Victor Hidalgo 0.6
SPG Joan Faner 2.3
PPG Nick Washburn 15.5

2013-2014 Amics Castello Spanish LEB Silver Depth Chart

Starters Joan Faner
10.0p 1.8r 3.2a
J. Garcia
11.6p 1.0r 2.8a
Roger Archiles
10.0p 3.2r 1.0a
Ola Atoyebi
13.8p 6.8r 0.8a
Alberto Ausina
11.8p 8.8r 2.8a
Rotation J. Alvarado
5.8p 1.0r 3.8a
A. Fernandez
5.2p 2.0r 1.2a
    Raul Sales
4.6p 2.8r 0.8a
Rotation         Javier Nasarre
4.8p 3.0r 0.0a

2013-2014 Amics Castello Leaders

MPG Alberto Ausina 29.4
FG% Ola Atoyebi .522
3P% Jorge Garcia Tellez .500
FT% Manuel Rodriguez .833
ORPG Ola Atoyebi 3.8
DRPG Ola Atoyebi 6.1
RPG Ola Atoyebi 9.9
APG Joan Faner 4.0
BPG Ola Atoyebi 0.6
SPG Joan Faner 2.7
PPG Ola Atoyebi 14.9

2012-2013 Amics Castello Spanish LEB Silver Depth Chart

Starters F. Castello Ferrerres
8.9p 2.0r 2.0a
Luis Parejo
10.3p 4.2r 2.3a
J. Garcia
10.4p 1.9r 2.6a
David Ortega
12.9p 7.4r 1.4a
Victor Hidalgo
13.4p 6.6r 1.3a
Rotation Roberto Rueda
5.4p 2.1r 1.7a
Roger Archiles
4.1p 2.0r 1.0a
  Alberto Ausina
8.9p 6.5r 1.1a
Raul Sales
3.3p 1.8r 0.4a
Rotation   A. Fernandez
2.8p 0.9r 0.8a
Lim PT Hector Barrera
0.3p 0.3r 0.2a

2012-2013 Amics Castello Leaders

MPG Luis Parejo 30.2
FG% Victor Hidalgo .638
3P% Raul Sales .667
FT% Hector Barrera 1.000
ORPG Alberto Ausina 2.3
DRPG David Ortega 5.5
RPG David Ortega 7.4
APG Jose Maria Garcia 2.6
BPG Victor Hidalgo 0.9
SPG Roberto Rueda 1.7
PPG Victor Hidalgo 13.4