RealGM Basketball

2014 Future Draft Picks

First Round

Team Picks
Atlanta Hawks Own or swap for BRK then other to BOS (via BRK)
Boston Celtics Own; less favorable of BRK and ATL (via BRK); PHL 15-30 (via MIA)
Brooklyn Nets More favorable of BRK and ATL to ATL (via ATL swap for BRK) then other to BOS
Charlotte Bobcats 1-10 Own; 11-30 to CHI; POR 13-30; DET 9-30
Chicago Bulls Own; CHA 11-30; SAC 13-30 (via CLE)
Cleveland Cavaliers Own
Dallas Mavericks 1-20 Own; 21-30 to OKC (via LAL to HOU)
Denver Nuggets More favorable of DEN and NYK then other to ORL
Detroit Pistons 1-8 Own; 9-30 to CHA
Golden State Warriors To UTA
Houston Rockets Own
Indiana Pacers 1-14 Own; 15-30 to PHX
Los Angeles Clippers Own
Los Angeles Lakers Own
Memphis Grizzlies Own
Miami Heat Own
Milwaukee Bucks Own
Minnesota Timberwolves 1-13 Own; 14-30 to PHX
New Orleans Pelicans 1-5 Own; 6-30 to PHL
New York Knicks More favorable of NYK and DEN to DEN then other to ORL (via DEN)
Oklahoma City Thunder Own; DAL 21-30 (via LAL to HOU)
Orlando Magic Own; less favorable of DEN and NYK (via DEN)
Philadelphia Sixers 1-14 Own; 15-30 to BOS (via MIA); NOP 6-30
Phoenix Suns Own; MIN 14-30; IND 15-30; WAS 13-30
Portland Trail Blazers 1-12 Own; 13-30 to CHA
Sacramento Kings 1-12 Own; 13-30 to CHI (via CLE)
San Antonio Spurs Own
Toronto Raptors Own
Utah Jazz Own; GOS
Washington Wizards 1-12 Own; 13-30 to PHX

Second Round

Team Picks
Atlanta Hawks Own
Boston Celtics To DAL
Brooklyn Nets To PHL (via BOS to DAL)
Charlotte Bobcats Own
Chicago Bulls Own
Cleveland Cavaliers To PHI; ORL
Dallas Mavericks Own; BOS
Denver Nuggets Own; POR
Detroit Pistons Own
Golden State Warriors To MIN
Houston Rockets To PHL (via MIL); NYK; PHL 56-60
Indiana Pacers Own
Los Angeles Clippers 31-55 Own; 56-60 to SAS (via NOP); PHL 41-45
Los Angeles Lakers To MIL (via PHX to MIN)
Memphis Grizzlies To PHL (via CLE)
Miami Heat Own
Milwaukee Bucks Own; less favorable of TOR 37-60 and SAC 31-55 (via TOR to PHX); TOR 37-60 if SAC 56-60 (via TOR to PHX); LAL (via PHX to MIN)
Minnesota Timberwolves Own; GOS; NOP
New Orleans Pelicans To MIN
New York Knicks To HOU; SAC 56-60 (via BOS)
Oklahoma City Thunder To TOR (via NYK); PHL 51-55 (via MEM)
Orlando Magic To CLE
Philadelphia Sixers 31-40 Own; 41-45 to LAC; 46-50 to WAS; 51-55 to OKC (via MEM); 56-60 to HOU; BRK (via BOS to DAL); HOU (via MIL); CLE; MEM (via CLE)
Phoenix Suns Own
Portland Trail Blazers To DEN
Sacramento Kings 31-55 to TOR if TOR 31-36; more favorable of 31-55 and TOR 37-60 to TOR then other to MIL (via TOR to PHX); 56-60 to NYK (via BOS)
San Antonio Spurs Own; LAC 56-60 (via NOP)
Toronto Raptors 31-36 Own then SAC 31-55; more favorable of 37-60 and SAC 31-55 then other to MIL (via TOR to PHX); 37-60 to MIL if SAC 56-60 (via TOR to PHX); OKC (via NYK)
Utah Jazz Own
Washington Wizards Own; PHL 46-50