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Knicks Considering Willie Cauley-Stein At No. 4

May 27, 2015 1:51 PM

The New York Knicks own the fourth overall pick and are largely dependent on what happens ahead of them, but they could still pick between several players.

The Knicks are looking strongly at Willie Cauley-Stein, according to two different sources.

The Knicks realize they need to improve defensively, which is why Cauley-Stein and Justise Winslow could be options.

Chad Ford/ESPN

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Lakers Would Need To See 'Heck Of An Opportunity' To Trade No. 2 Pick

May 27, 2015 1:03 PM

The Los Angeles Lakers has not heard any enticing offers for the No. 2 overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.

“It would have to be a heck of an opportunity for us to consider doing something like that,” said Kupchak.

The Lakers would listen if presented a top-level veteran in exchange for the pick. Kupchak admitted that the Lakers are "a little bit impatient."

“If you came across something that made your team better quicker, it would probably be a veteran, then that’s something you would consider,” Kupchak said, “but there’s something to be said for having the No. 2 pick in terms of building going forward.”

The last time a team traded a top-two pick for a veteran was in 2001 when the Los Angeles Clippers traded the rights to Tyson Chandler to the Chicago Bulls for Elton Brand.

The top two prospects are widely considered to be Jahlil Okafor and Karl-Anthony Towns, but D'Angelo Russell and Emmanuel Mudiay could also enter the conversation.

“There’s the perception that there’s four players there (who could be drafted at No. 2),” Kupchak said. “I think there might be more.”

He said the Lakers will work out at least four players they could target with the second overall pick, but “hopefully six to eight.”


Bill Oram/Orange County Register

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Jahlil Okafor: Injuries During Season Led To Loss Of Fitness

May 24, 2015 3:45 PM

Jahlil Okafor has lost 12 pounds since the end of the college season, trying to get into better shape ahead of the NBA Draft and the beginning of his professional career.

"Going into the season, I was in great shape, and then as the season progressed I kind of lost that shape. [Due to] injuries, I wasn’t able to practice as much so I wasn’t as active. Now I’ve gotten back to what I was doing before I went to school, changed my diet up a little bit, and just working hard. It’ll just make me a better athlete, taking care of my body. That just goes without saying."

Okafor had outstanding production on offense, but there are questions about his ability on the defensive end of the floor.

Deantae Prince/Sports Illustrated

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Kupchak: Lakers Don't Have Time To Slowly Build Through Draft

May 24, 2015 3:40 PM

The Los Angeles Lakers expect to keep the second overall pick, but their rebuilding project will likely involve pursuing free agents this summer and next.

"We don’t have …. the time to methodically and slowly build through the draft," said Mitch Kupchak.

The Lakers almost certainly won't have their own first round pick in 2016, though this year they have their own pick at No. 2 and the Houston Rockets' pick at No. 27.

The Lakers have missed out on the playoffs in 2014 and 2015.

Bleacher Report Radio

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Lakers Likely To Pick Remaining Big With 2nd Overall Pick

May 21, 2015 12:03 AM

The Los Angeles Lakers will consider D'Angelo Russell, but the early indications are that they will choose whichever highly touted big man the Minnesota Timberwolves pass on with the first overall pick.

Karl-Anthony Towns is widely considered the top prospect in the draft, but reports have indicated that Flip Saunders also will strongly consider Jahlil Okafor.

Many NBA executives consider Okafor the safer choice of two big men with his advanced low post game.

The Lakers own the No. 2 overall pick.

Mike Bresnahan/Los Angeles Times

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Towns, Okafor, Russell, Mudiay Go 1-4 In First Post-Lottery Mocks

May 20, 2015 6:17 PM

With the lottery complete, we can now begin to have a realistic idea of which players will end up with which teams. The following three mocks are the first projections from ESPN's Chad Ford, Jonathan Givony of Draft Express and Aran Smith of NBADraft.

1. MIN: Karl-Anthony Towns
2. LAL: Jahlil Okafor
3. PHI: D'Angelo Russell
4. NYK: Emmanuel Mudiay
5. ORL: Kristaps Porzingis
6. SAC: Willie Cauley-Stein
7. DEN: Justise Winslow
8. DET: Mario Hezonja
9. CHA: Devin Booker 
10. MIA: Stanley Johnson
11. IND: Myles Turner
12. UTA: Trey Lyles
13. PHX: Frank Kaminsky
14. OKC: Cameron Payne

Draft Express
1. MIN: Karl Anthony-Towns
2. LAL: Jahlil Okafor
3. PHI: D'Angelo Russell
4. NYK: Emmanuel Mudiay
5. ORL: Mario Hezonja
6. SAC: Willie Cauley-Stein
7. DEN: Justise Winslow
8. DET: Kristaps Porzingis
9. CHA: Stanley Johnson
10. MIA: Kelly Oubre
11. IND: Myles Turner
12. UTA: Frank Kaminsky 
13. PHX: Devin Booker
14. OKC: Cameron Payne
1. MIN: Karl-Anthony Towns
2. LAL: Jahlil Okafor
3. PHI: D'Angelo Russell
4. NYK: Emmanuel Mudiay
5. ORL: Kristaps Porzingis
6. SAC: Justise Winslow
7. DEN: Mario Hezonja
8. DET: Stanley Johnson
9. CHA: Trey Lyles
10. MIA: Myles Turner
11. IND: Willie Cauley-Stein
12. UTA: Sam Dekker
13. PHX: Devin Booker
14. OKC: Cameron Payne

RealGM Staff Report

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Wolves Willing To Consider Trading No. 1 Overall Pick

May 20, 2015 3:58 PM

The Minnesota Timberwolves have openly mentioned the possibility of trading away the first overall pick.

Glen Taylor admitted it is unlikely, but not something they're prepared to rule out.

Taylor said it is something that will be “part of any conversation.”

“You never know what it could mean, if you could get the right one or two guys that could change your team,” Taylor said. “When you already have a bunch of young guys, you have to look at this type of stuff. But I think it's a very hard decision to make.”

The Wolves already have a young roster with several former lottery picks.

“We've got so many young guys,” Taylor said, “we would be better off not even being close to the lottery again.”

Ken Berger/CBS Sports

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ESPN Draws Its Best Ever Rating For NBA Lottery

May 20, 2015 12:27 PM

The 2015 NBA Draft Lottery drew a 3.2 overnight rating, making it the highest rated lottery ever shown on ESPN, according to Ben Cafardo.

With the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers at the top of the lottery, ratings were expected to be up. The Miami Heat also were in a situation where they could lose their pick entirely.

The top-5 local markets were Memphis (5.1), Houston (5.0), Miami (5.0), New York, (4.9) and Philadelphia (4.8).

RealGM Staff Report

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Magic, Kings, Pistons, Hornets Expected To Shop Pick To Accelerate Rebuild

May 19, 2015 10:22 PM

The Orlando Magic, Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Hornets are expected to seriously consider trading their lottery picks.

All four teams want to accelerate their rebuilds.

The New York Knicks are also expected to entertain offers for the No. 4 pick. The Knicks like Justise Winslow, but they're not believed to be sold on Emmanuel Mudiay.

Chad Ford/ESPN

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Wolves Win 2015 NBA Draft Lottery

May 19, 2015 5:31 PM

The Minnesota Timberwolves will pick first in the 2015 NBA Draft, joining the list of previous lottery winners. The Wolves are expected to decide between Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor.

The Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks swapped pre-lottery standings at No. 4 and No. 2, while the Philadelphia 76ers stayed put at No. 3. 

The 76ers have their own lottery pick, while they could have also received the Lakers' pick if it had fallen out of the top-5 and/or Miami's if it fell out of the top-10.

You can view the lottery history of each team, including the players selected with their picks, by clicking on the below links.

Draft Lottery Results

1. Minnesota Timberwolves (25%) 

2. Los Angeles Lakers (11.9%)

3. Philadelphia 76ers (15.6%)

4. New York Knicks (19.9%)

5. Orlando Magic (8.8%)

6. Sacramento Kings (6.3%)

7. Denver Nuggets (4.3%)

8. Detroit Pistons (2.8%)

9. Charlotte Hornets (1.7%)

10. Miami Heat (1.1%)

11. Indiana Pacers (0.8%)

12. Utah Jazz (0.7%)

13. Phoenix Suns (0.6%)

14. Oklahoma City Thunder (0.5%)

Click here to run RealGM's Lottery Simulator.

RealGM Staff Report

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Karl-Anthony Towns Eyes Playing For Knicks' Franchise He Grew Up Watching
Karl-Anthony Towns could end up with the Knicks depending on how the NBA draft lottery goes on Tuesday.

Marc J. Spears/Yahoo! Sports

Knicks Have Received 437 Games From Nine Potential Lotto Picks Since 2002
The Knicks have an all-important lottery pick and there remains a chance of the franchise keeping the player that will be selected, which would actually run counter to their history.

RealGM Staff Report

Celtics Interested In Trading Up In Draft, Could Target Willie Cauley-Stein
The Celtics are "very open" to trading up in the NBA Draft, according to two sources.

A. Sherrod Blakely/Comcast SportsNet

Bucks Hope To Follow Draft Success In 12-18 Range
The Bucks will have the No. 17 overall pick in this year's NBA Draft.

Charles F. Gardner/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Thunder Appear To Be Targeting Point Guards, Shooters In Draft
The Thunder appeared to focus on point guards and shooters during their interviews at the NBA Draft Combine.

Darnell Mayberry/Oklahoman

D'Angelo Russell: I'm The Best Player In Draft
Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor are widely considered the top two prospects, while D'Angelo Russell is in the conversation for third.

USA Today

Larry Bird Believes Willie Cauley-Stein Is A $100M Player
Willie Cauley-Stein met with Larry Bird and the Hall of Famer didn't hide how highly he rates him.

Candace Buckner/Indianapolis Star

Knicks Intrigued By Frank Kaminsky
The Knicks could conceivably trade down to pick up Frank Kaminsky and another asset.

Marc Berman/New York Post

Joel Embiid Sits In On 76ers' Meetings With Prospects At Combine
The 76ers included Joel Embiid in their meetings at the NBA Draft Combine in what is an unprecedented move.

Bob Cooney/Philadelphia Daily News

Divac, Noel, Bird Among On-Stage Participants For Lottery
The NBA has released the list of on-stage participants for next week's draft lottery.

RealGM Staff Report

Ford Has Simmons, Labissiere, Brown, Ingram, Pope As 2016 Top-5
Ben Simmons, Skal Labissiere and Jaylen Brown are expected to be in the conversation for the first overall pick in 2016.

Chad Ford/ESPN

Kaminsky, Cauley-Stein Each Measured At Over 7-Foot
The NBA has released the measurements from the 2015 Draft Combine.

RealGM Staff Report

NBA Draft To Be Held In Brooklyn
The draft will be held on June 25th at Barclays Center.

RealGM Staff Report

Mam Jaiteh Declines Invite To NBA Draft Combine For French League Play
Mam Jaiteh has had a standout season for one of France's best teams, JSF Nanterre.

Shams Charania/RealGM

Knicks Have Towns, Okafor, Mudiay, Russell, Winslow As Top-5
Karl Anthony-Towns would currently be the Knicks' pick if they won the lottery.

Ian Begley/ESPN

Lakers Believed To Have Towns, Mudiay Ahead Of Okafor On Board
The Lakers could go with Emmanuel Mudiay ahead of Jahlil Okafor if they have the second pick.

Chad Ford/ESPN

Ford: NBA Teams Sometimes Scared Off By Highly Intelligent Players
Willie Cauley-Stein is judged largely by his intangibles on defense.

Chad Ford/ESPN

Ford: Henry Ellenson Is Closest Prospect To Kevin Love Since 2008
Henry Ellenson is a projected top-10 pick for the 2016 NBA Draft.

Chad Ford/ESPN

48 College Underclassmen Declare For 2015 NBA Draft
Following is the list of players from colleges and post-graduate institutions who have applied for early entry into the 2015 NBA Draft.

RealGM Staff Report

Buddy Hield Returns To Oklahoma For Senior Season
Buddy Hield announced Friday morning that he will return to Oklahoma for his senior season.

RealGM Staff Report

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