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Antawn Jamison & The Floater Game

by Jonathan Tjarks

Nov 6, 2014 8:46 PM

Antwan Jamison was an athletic 6í9 with a high basketball IQ who knows how to put the ball in the basket - a guy like that can be a really good player for a really long time. As he exits, the closest guy to him in the last 17 years is entering the league in T.J. Warren. Read more »

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How Boozer Fits With Lakers, Julius Randle

by Jonathan Tjarks

Jul 25, 2014 1:39 PM

The Lakers are signing Boozer to put up empty numbers while blocking the development of Julius Randle. But Boozer could weirdly be the perfect veteran mentor for him. Read more »

Tags: Carlos Boozer, Julius Randle, Los Angeles Lakers, NBA

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Names To Watch As Lakers Search For Next Head Coach

by Sam Yip

May 5, 2014 6:27 PM

The list of candidates surfacing for the Lakers at least gives us a good idea of the type of direction they are looking to take the team in the short and long-term future. Read more »

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D'Antoni's Departure Won't Fix Lakers

by James Jackson

It is extremely difficult for a franchise to completely avoid periods of rebuilding, even one as storied as the Lakers. The issues facing Mitch Kupchak and the Buss Family didn't begin with D'Antoni, and they certainly won't end because he's gone. Read more »
Lakers' New Reality

by James Jackson

With a likely top-6 pick and an ever-competitive West, the Lakers must adjust to their reality: theyíre rebuilding. But their resources and history will allot a chance to eventually return among the NBA elite. Read more »
The Western Conference At The Deadline

by Haven Kaplan-Miner

The Western Conference is highly competitive this season, but that didn't carry over to a deadline in which Steve Blake was the most important acquisition after the Rockets were unable to cash in their Omer Asik chip. Read more »
Ranking The Best Five Draft Fits For The Lakers

by Sam Yip

The Lakers rarely have high picks and this draft will prove extremely important for Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss to select a potential superstar as a successor to Kobe Bryant. Read more »
Why Kendall Marshall Is Unlikely To Be Lakers' Long-Term Answer At Point Guard

by Sam Yip

Kendall Marshall became a free agent before the start of his second season in the NBA, but injuries created a huge opportunity for him with Mike D'Antoni and the Lakers. Read more »
Western Conference Twice As Good, Nine Degrees Warmer

by Christopher Reina

The Western Conference is nine degrees warmer on average than the Eastern Conference, which must be considered as a factor in why it has been a far deeper conference over the past two decades. Read more »
The Points In The Paint Separation Between Contenders, Pretenders

by Ron Oliver

The category of points in the paint is clearly important enough to be on the box score. You could argue that it should be at the top of the box score instead of the bottom. Itís the one stat that can determine how dominate a team can be either offensively or defensively or both. Read more »
A Brave New World For Los Angeles, New York

by Danny Leroux

Strangely, none of the major market teams have the competitive advantage of their location and a top-flight organizational reputation. History and money are still (largely) on their sides but players have become more conscious of organizational quality in recent years. Read more »
30 Rapid-Fire Questions For Each Team's Front Office

by Benjamin Cantor

The following 30 questions are the biggest issues facing each NBA front office as the 13-14 regular season begins. Read more »
30-Team Offseason Rundown

by Danny Leroux

Great drafts for the Rockets, 76ers, Nets, Warriors, Hawks and Grizzlies headline this complete rundown of the 2013 offseason. Read more »
Star By Star

by Jonathan Tjarks

If the owners want to make it harder for superstars to switch teams, they have to increase the financial incentives for them to stay. Otherwise, franchises with one All-Star will forever be looking over their shoulder. To paraphrase Sean Parker, having two stars isnít cool. Having three is. Read more »
Leroux's 2013 NBA Draft Review

by Danny Leroux

Breaking down all 30 teams by category of how they fared in the often surprising, never disappointing 2013 NBA Draft. Read more »
On Dwight Howard, Defense, History

by Danny Leroux

Pundits like Bill Simmons can look at a year Dwight Howard was hurt and a year where he played in a system that minimized his strengths and magnified his weaknesses to write him off using pithy garbage like personality, but analyzing production and talent over conjecture will always win out. Read more »
The Logistics Of Dwight Ending Up With Golden State

by Danny Leroux

Getting Dwight Howard sits within the realm of possibility for the Warriors, but it would come at a steep, steep cost unless the Lakers are more generous than expected. Wasting their amnesty on Charlie Bell and using 2013 cap space to acquire a pick last season is again continuing to hurt them. Read more »
2013 NBA Amnesty Primer

by Danny Leroux

One fun component of the Amnesty rule is that we know exactly which players are eligible for it and that number can only decrease over time since the players had to have been under contract with the same team before the new CBA. Read more »
Dwight Howard's Choices

by Jarrod Rudolph

An unrestricted free agent for the first time in his nine-year career, Dwight Howard will have to choose the franchise that best positions him to grow as a player and compete for championships. The time has come for Howard to decide whether he wants to be an all-time great player, or just a player that was good for his time. Read more »
Realities Changing For Lakers

by Jarrod Rudolph

In the past, a player could easily be swayed to come to play for the Lakers. Who wouldn't want to play for a franchise with such a rich history and strong fanbase? Who wouldn't want to play for the Buss family and add to the tradition? But the NBA has changed and so has the perception. Read more »

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