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NBA Considering Expanding Length Of All-Star Break

The NBA is considering expanding the All-Star break to give teams a full week off at midseason.

The move would give players seven days off between games in mid-February and result in an increase of one or two back-to-back sets per team.

"That's the model they're using right now while they're filling in the schedule," an NBA source familiar with the process told the Sun Sentinel Friday. "Could they go back and use some of those dates if needed? That's possible. But the week off looks like what's going to happen."

With the elongated All-Star break, the possibility of then starting the 2015-16 season a week earlier also has been deliberated recently, although that dynamic has yet to gain traction, according to an NBA source familiar with the situation.

Teams currently are given a five-day layoff during the All-Star break, with one of those days a mandated return to practice. 

Via Ira Winderman/South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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