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Heat Feel Celtics Are Different Team Without Perkins

Having lost their first three games against the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat players spoke of the difference in the Celtics since the big trade.

Chris Bosh said what the Celtics try to do was essentially the same. Then he added, “It’s just a difference in players. Kendrick (Perkins) brought a certain element to that team, and it’s not there anymore.”

“Today, we proved that we are a much better team than we showed in the previous three games,” said Dwyane Wade. “We are playing better than we were when we played them earlier. We wanted this win, and we went out and did what we had to do for that.”

If both clubs advance to the second round, they’ll be getting a lot more familiar with each other.

It's for that reason that the Heat wanted to give the Celts a little something to think about.

Via Boston Herald

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