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Olshey Intends To Build Blazers Through Draft, Free Agency

Neil Olshey said the Portland Trail Blazers will likely be built through the draft and free agency, not trades.

Olshey identified the Blazers' core as LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, Damian Lillard and Wesley Matthews.

“The players on our roster who are no-brainers,’’ Olshey said, referring to that core, “are not going anywhere.’’

Aldridge had been the subject of trade rumors earlier this season.

Olshey said the Blazers will not make a move unless it makes them a better team.

“Until you get enough phone calls for the message to get around the league that we are not breaking this up to rebuild, that we are building from where we are, (rumors) will probably still be out there,’’ Olshey said. “But clearly, trading a 27-year old All-Star like LaMarcus doesn’t get you better today.’’

Via Jason Quick/Oregonian

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