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Chalmers Feeling Quicker After Losing 10 Pounds Thanks To Wager

Mario Chalmers lost 10 pounds in a week in a bet with Ray Allen.

Chalmers is now in the best shape of his NBA career.

"[The bet] started with Ray," Chalmers said. "Ever since then, I just got a little extra push. I've just been working harder. We wanted to three-peat. They all said, 'We need you to be the head of the team, you need to be in tip-top shape and we need you to lead by example.'"

Chalmers had a strained quad and dealt with ankle issues during camp last season.

"I feel a lot faster. It helps me get to different spaces on the court and small cracks easier. [Losing the weight] was more of a conscious thing of winning, helping the team. It wasn't an individual bet but what can I do to help the team get better."

Via Shandel Richardson/South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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