Raymond Felton is suffering from a strained left hamstring while also dealing with "sharp pain" caused by a pinched nerve in his hip.

Felton said the hip injury causes pain to shoot down his legs and that he is taking medication to treat some of the symptoms.

“Nobody’s known about that, because I don’t like making excuses,” Felton said. “But hopefully, the treatment kicks in, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Ivorie Manning, a shooting coach who has worked with Felton, said he called Felton last week to see if he wanted to meet. Manning said he could sense that Felton was playing under stress.

“He just said, ‘I’m not making any excuses, but my hamstring is killing me,’ ” Manning said. “I can tell. With me being here in town, and us not going to the gym last night, that tells me what kind of state he’s in. I know how much he likes to work, but he just wants to rest at this point. Ray is not one to rest.”