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Kings See Derrick Williams' Versatility As Asset, Not Detriment

Derrick Williams continues to be between positions at small forward and power forward. 

Williams is one of the most athletic players on the Sacramento Kings, but utilizing and maximizing that ability hasn't been consistent.

If Rudy Gay returns to the Kings next season, he will take the starting spot at small forward, which would leave Williams vying for the spot at power forward.

“This last stretch, I want to use it to prove that I should be starting,” Williams said. “And that’s the main goal, to prove it to Coach and finish the season strong as a team and see what works best.”

“You go back to his days at Arizona, when he was the No. 2 pick, he played a lot of four (power forward),” Mike Malone said. “I see in the NBA if a bigger guy is guarding him, he can take that guy out on the perimeter. If you play him at the small forward, you can post him up some. He’s got that versatility and athleticism that is very attractive."

Williams is a good matchup against more athletic power forwards.

“The league is getting a lot smaller it seems, and I think Derrick’s versatility is a real advantage when you play him at the four,” Malone said. “Now you have a quick and athletic lineup.”

Via Jason Jones/Sacramento Bee
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