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Lawrence Frank Still Filing Daily Reports For Nets

Lawrence Frank was reassigned from his role as assistant coach of the Brooklyn Nets early in the season and he continues to file daily scouting reports.

"In order for [Jason Kidd] to be successful, I had to make a decision, so I said, 'Let's reassign him,' " King said during an interview with NBA TV. "He does his report -- I got it this morning -- and he's helping from afar. But I believe in Jason and so to give him the ability to be successful, we had to make that decision."

The Nets bottomed out at 10-21, but they turned around their season with small, unconventional lineups.

"[Kidd] believed in himself," King said. "And that was the biggest thing. When he walked into a room, there was confidence. When he talked to the players, there was confidence," King said. "He went at KG [Kevin Garnett]. KG went back at him. He went at Paul [Pierce]. So he wasn't afraid to challenge guys, and that, to me, showed that he was going to be a good coach.

"You've got a Hall of Famer in KG and Paul -- 19 years and 16 years in the league -- and you challenge them in front of the rest of the team, they all believe, 'Okay, this guy's real.' "

Via A.J. Perez/Star-Ledger
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