Toledo Individual Seasons

Toledo Individual Season Leaders - Season

* Historical stats listed herein range from the 2002-2003 season through to the current season only.

Keith Triplett(2004)19.6
Nathan Boothe(2016)19.3
Rian Pearson(2013)17.9
Julius Brown(2013)6.0
Julius Brown(2014)5.9
Julius Brown(2012)4.8
Julius Brown(2015)4.4
Luke Knapke(2018)1.8
A.J. Edu(2019)1.7
Luke Knapke(2019)1.5
Jerrah Young(2008)1.4
Nathan Boothe(2013)1.4
Will Burger(2004)1.000
Zac Taylor(2009).800
Delino Dear(2012).719
Kareem Milson(2004).682
Kareem Milson(2005).679

Best Toledo Individual Seasons - Season Averages

1Jonathan Williams2017U of T3234.36.615.0.4432.16.5.3194.35.3.8172.
2Keith Triplett2004U of T3133.36.513.9.4702.15.1.4154.45.4.8042.
3Nathan Boothe2016U of T3231.57.515.2.4961.02.8.3753.23.9.8242.
4Tre'Shaun Fletcher2018U of T3332.
5Rian Pearson2013U of T2833.
6Jonathan Williams2016U of T3230.96.514.2.4562.25.8.3762.53.6.6962.
7Tyrone Kent2008U of T3035.55.314.5.3632.27.1.3114.15.3.7754.
8Keith Triplett2003U of T2933.85.711.9.4801.73.9.4293.84.9.7822.
9Rian Pearson2012U of T3632.36.413.5.4760.20.9.2583.34.9.6762.
10Julius Brown2015U of T3333.35.812.6.4642.15.2.4002.53.0.8572.
11Nick Moore2003U of T2935.25.712.4.4573.17.4.4121.92.4.7972.
12Jaelan Sanford2018U of T3434.65.512.1.4512.15.2.4033.23.8.8461.
13Jaelan Sanford2019U of T3333.55.813.7.4251.65.1.3212.32.7.8431.
14Steve Taylor, Jr.2017U of T3332.16.412.1.5250.31.5.2002.24.5.4933.
15Keith Triplett2005U of T2932.
16Tyrone Kent2009U of T3233.
17Julius Brown2014U of T3433.74.811.5.4181.74.9.3553.64.1.8712.
18Keonta Howell2007U of T3232.05.311.7.4572.05.7.3542.02.6.7741.
19Rian Pearson2014U of T3430.95.611.7.4800.92.0.4262.63.8.6691.
20Justin Ingram2006U of T3131.64.310.6.4061.85.5.3374.14.7.8762.
21Justin Ingram2007U of T3235.24.813.1.3712.27.3.2962.73.5.7662.
22Justin Drummond2014U of T3327.
23Sammy Villegas2004U of T3129.84.610.4.4452.66.4.4061.92.6.7322.
24Jonathan Amos2009U of T3028.74.710.7.4390.41.2.3143.95.7.6784.
25Jaelan Sanford2017U of T3435.94.610.1.4551.94.9.3922.43.3.7261.
26Justin Drummond2015U of T3329.
27Julius Brown2013U of T2833.64.611.6.3991.14.3.2672.63.5.7553.
28Florentino Valencia2007U of T3228.
29J.D. Weatherspoon2015U of T3331.
30Jake Barnett2010U of T3234.
31Nate Navigato2019U of T3333.
32Nate Navigato2018U of T3432.
33Jonathan Amos2008U of T3031.
34Malcolm Griffin2011U of T3127.14.810.3.4661.12.8.3841.42.1.6364.
35Florentino Valencia2006U of T3124.
36Julius Brown2012U of T3631.
37Curtis Dennis2012U of T2925.
38Marreon Jackson2019U of T3229.
39Keonta Howell2006U of T3126.
40Stephen Albrecht2010U of T1229.
41Luke Knapke2018U of T3423.
42Sammy Villegas2003U of T2929.
43J.D. Weatherspoon2014U of T3429.
44Reese Holliday2011U of T2332.
45Jerrah Young2008U of T3030.
46Luke Knapke2019U of T3326.
47Stuckey Mosley2016U of T3230.
48Jonathan Williams2015U of T3329.
49Matt Smith2013U of T2826.
50Nathan Boothe2015U of T3327.
51Justin Ingram2004U of T3129.
52Florentino Valencia2005U of T2822.
53Justin Anyijong2009U of T3232.
54Dominique Buckley2013U of T2832.
55Dominique Buckley2012U of T3630.
56Nate Navigato2017U of T3427.
57Chris Darrington2019U of T3316.
58Justin Anyijong2010U of T3227.
59Keonta Howell2005U of T2821.
60Justin Ingram2005U of T2928.
61Sammy Villegas2005U of T2924.
62Nathan Boothe2014U of T3427.
63Ridley Johnson2008U of T3031.
64Matt Smith2012U of T3524.
65Willie Jackson2019U of T3225.
66Nate Navigato2016U of T3222.
67Kashif Payne2006U of T3131.
68Jordan Lauf2017U of T3433.
69Jaelan Sanford2016U of T3227.
70Nathan Boothe2013U of T2824.
71Delino Dear2011U of T3225.
72Marreon Jackson2018U of T3329.
73Reese Holliday2013U of T2722.
74Willie Jackson2018U of T2018.
75Kashif Payne2007U of T3231.
76Malcolm Griffin2010U of T2524.
77Daniel Dzierzawski2017U of T715.
78Reese Holliday2012U of T3625.
79Anthony Wright2011U of T3023.
80Luke Knapke2017U of T3419.
81Florentino Valencia2004U of T3117.
82Jonathan Williams2014U of T3417.
83Mohammed Lo2010U of T1918.
84Ricardo Thomas2003U of T2821.
85Jordan Dressler2010U of T3224.
86Jonathan Amos2007U of T3219.
87Sammy Villegas2006U of T3119.
88Zach Garber2016U of T3218.
89Allen Pinson2005U of T2618.
90A.J. Shellabarger2004U of T3114.
91Ricardo Thomas2004U of T3115.
92Hayden Humes2011U of T3226.
93Tyrone Kent2007U of T3221.
94Jay Shunnar2011U of T3223.
95Allen Pinson2004U of T2917.
96Anton Currie2005U of T2918.
97Anthony Byrd2009U of T3127.
98Ryan Majerle2012U of T1222.
99Mohammed Lo2009U of T3119.
100Ridley Johnson2009U of T2516.

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