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Deandre Ayton: My Life Became A Job Upon Moving To USA
Deandre Ayton moved to San Diego as a 6'5" 12-year-old and was 6'10" less than two years late
Deandre Ayton Declares For 2018 NBA Draft
Deandre Ayton is projected to be the first or second pick in the draft.
DeAndre Ayton Gaining Momentum As Top Overall Pick
One scout said the chances of DeAndre Ayton being picked first overall is approximately 95 percent.
DeAndre Ayton Takes Top Spot In ESPN's 2018 Draft Rankings From Luka Doncic
DeAndre Ayton has arguably had his best two games of the season over the past 10 days.
Sean Miller Taped By FBI Discussing $100,000 Payment To Land DeAndre Ayton
Sean Miller and Christian Dawkins allegedly had multiple conversations about Ayton.