Cori Boston G

Current Team: N/A

Born: Dec 1, 1983 (35 years old)

Birthplace/Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Nationality: United States

Height: 6-5 (196cm)     Weight: 220 (100kg)

Current NBA Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Draft Entry: 2008 NBA Draft

Drafted: Undrafted

Pre-Draft Team: Norwich (Sr)

High School: Charlestown High School [Charlestown, Massachusetts]

Cori Boston Teammates

Teammates Statistics & Data Below

Player Team(s) League(s) Season(s) GP PTS REB AST W's L's Win%
Derek ColemanRobert MorrisNCAA2: 2004-05 to 2005-064410.52.84.1242054.5%Compare
Tony LeeRobert MorrisNCAA2: 2004-05 to 2005-064310.46.32.7241955.8%Compare
Jeremy ChappellRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-062613.55.32.5141253.8%Compare
A.J. JacksonRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-062517.09.71.2141156.0%Compare
Colson SenatRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-06254.22.80.4131252.0%Compare
Steve LancasterRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-06233.51.81.0131056.5%Compare
Chaz McCrommonRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2004-051816.06.42.410855.6%Compare
Mark AndersonRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2004-051812.95.30.710855.6%Compare
Maurice CarterRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2004-05189.62.42.410855.6%Compare
Jonathan ClarkRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-06182.11.10.610855.6%Compare
Christopher GoodenRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2004-05174.41.31.210758.8%Compare
Joseph IsonRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2004-05173.92.50.59852.9%Compare
Beau GibbRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2004-05173.81.50.29852.9%Compare
Donnie PalmerRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-06142.01.20.26842.9%Compare
Freddie HarrisRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-0656.23.20.02340.0%Compare
James DouglasRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-0620.00.50.020100.0%Compare
Terrell RiversRobert MorrisNCAA1: 2005-0618.00.00.010100.0%Compare

* 17 teammates found. All stats represent what the teammates of Cori Boston averaged when they played with him in the selected games.