John Neal G

Current Team: N/A

Born: Oct 16, 1983 (36 years old)

Birthplace/Hometown: Winterset, Iowa

Nationality: United States

Height: 6-4 (193cm)     Weight: 195 (88kg)

Current NBA Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Draft Entry: 2006 NBA Draft

Drafted: Undrafted

Pre-Draft Team: Iowa State (Sr)

High School: Winterset Senior High School [Winterset, Iowa]

John Neal Teammates

Curtis Stinson

Will Blalock

Tasheed Carr

Jackson Vroman

Shawn Taggart

Adam Haluska

Teammates Statistics & Data Below

Player Team(s) League(s) Season(s) GP PTS REB AST W's L's Win%
Curtis StinsonIowa StateNCAA3: 2003-04 to 2005-068017.66.05.1453556.3%Compare
Will BlalockIowa StateNCAA3: 2003-04 to 2005-067912.33.34.9443555.7%Compare
Jared HomanIowa StateNCAA3: 2002-03 to 2004-056611.37.10.8412562.1%Compare
Rahshon ClarkIowa StateNCAA2: 2004-05 to 2005-065610.35.81.1322457.1%Compare
Damion StapleIowa StateNCAA2: 2003-04 to 2004-05525.14.00.4302257.7%Compare
Tasheed CarrIowa StateNCAA2: 2004-05 to 2005-06485.62.51.1282058.3%Compare
Jake SullivanIowa StateNCAA2: 2002-03 to 2003-043915.42.32.0241561.5%Compare
Jackson VromanIowa StateNCAA2: 2002-03 to 2003-043813.910.42.1231560.5%Compare
Anthony DavisIowa StateNCAA2: 2004-05 to 2005-06343.32.20.6181652.9%Compare
Marcus JeffersonIowa StateNCAA2: 2002-03 to 2003-04327.93.90.8221068.8%Compare
Jiri HubalekIowa StateNCAA1: 2005-06288.95.50.7151353.6%Compare
Shawn TaggartIowa StateNCAA1: 2005-06285.25.10.3151353.6%Compare
Reggie GeorgeIowa StateNCAA2: 2003-04 to 2004-05271.91.90.2161159.3%Compare
Andrew SkoglundIowa StateNCAA2: 2002-03 to 2003-04260.60.70.017965.4%Compare
Ross MarsdenIowa StateNCAA1: 2005-06252.83.50.8141156.0%Compare
Jessan GrayIowa StateNCAA1: 2005-06194.32.40.310952.6%Compare
Tim BarnesIowa StateNCAA1: 2002-031512.53.95.311473.3%Compare
Adam HaluskaIowa StateNCAA1: 2002-03159.94.40.911473.3%Compare
Jeff BergstromIowa StateNCAA3: 2003-04 to 2005-06150.30.50.114193.3%Compare
Dave BraetIowa StateNCAA2: 2003-04 to 2004-05131.20.50.212192.3%Compare
Robert FaulknerIowa StateNCAA1: 2004-05123.73.00.38466.7%Compare
Clint VarleyIowa StateNCAA1: 2002-03120.41.90.39375.0%Compare
Omar BynumIowa StateNCAA1: 2002-03113.52.00.310190.9%Compare
Chris CeaserIowa StateNCAA2: 2004-05 to 2005-06110.50.50.1110100.0%Compare
Justin FriesIowa StateNCAA1: 2003-0490.20.30.45455.6%Compare
Michael EvanovichIowa StateNCAA1: 2005-0680.60.40.07187.5%Compare
Aaron AgnewIowa StateNCAA1: 2004-0580.30.40.07187.5%Compare
Dustin StreffIowa StateNCAA2: 2004-05 to 2005-0670.60.30.16185.7%Compare
Adam SchaperIowa StateNCAA1: 2002-0330.71.00.030100.0%Compare
Mark CurrieIowa StateNCAA1: 2005-0630.00.30.030100.0%Compare
Chris AlexanderIowa StateNCAA1: 2002-03213.54.00.520100.0%Compare
Mark BollIowa StateNCAA1: 2003-0413.02.00.010100.0%Compare

* 32 teammates found. All stats represent what the teammates of John Neal averaged when they played with him in the selected games.