Patrick Spach PG

Current Team: N/A

Born: Nov 21, 1986 (33 years old)

Birthplace/Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Nationality: United States

Height: 6-1 (185cm)     Weight: 165 (75kg)

Current NBA Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Draft Entry: 2009 NBA Draft

Drafted: Undrafted

Pre-Draft Team: Ole Miss (Sr)

High School: Briarcrest Christian School [Eads, Tennessee]

Patrick Spach Teammates

Malcolm White

Terrico White

Murphy Holloway

Terrance Henry

Will Bogan

Dwayne Curtis

Kevin Cantinol

Chris Warren

Deshawn Patterson

Trevor Gaskins

Teammates Statistics & Data Below

Player Team(s) League(s) Season(s) GP PTS REB AST W's L's Win%
David HuertasOle MissNCAA2: 2007-08 to 2008-091516.33.62.28753.3%Compare
Zach GrahamOle MissNCAA2: 2007-08 to 2008-09159.04.01.48753.3%Compare
Malcolm WhiteOle MissNCAA2: 2007-08 to 2008-09158.66.30.08753.3%Compare
Terrico WhiteOle MissNCAA1: 2008-091314.23.42.36746.2%Compare
Murphy HollowayOle MissNCAA1: 2008-09137.87.21.06746.2%Compare
Terrance HenryOle MissNCAA1: 2008-09134.24.21.26746.2%Compare
DeAundre CranstonOle MissNCAA1: 2008-09132.44.60.56746.2%Compare
Will BoganOle MissNCAA1: 2008-09131.91.11.56746.2%Compare
Jermey ParnellOle MissNCAA3: 2005-06 to 2007-08106.63.80.66460.0%Compare
Brian SmithOle MissNCAA3: 2005-06 to 2007-08101.61.11.26460.0%Compare
Dwayne CurtisOle MissNCAA3: 2005-06 to 2007-08913.17.41.26366.7%Compare
Kevin CantinolOle MissNCAA1: 2008-0990.60.40.13633.3%Compare
Ryan BrownOle MissNCAA2: 2007-08 to 2008-0990.00.00.04544.4%Compare
Jara DoyneOle MissNCAA2: 2005-06 to 2006-07812.34.32.54450.0%Compare
Todd AbernethyOle MissNCAA2: 2005-06 to 2006-0788.12.32.84450.0%Compare
Xavier HansbroOle MissNCAA2: 2005-06 to 2006-0782.61.10.14450.0%Compare
Trey HamptonOle MissNCAA2: 2005-06 to 2006-0782.41.80.44450.0%Compare
Clarence SandersOle MissNCAA2: 2005-06 to 2006-0779.41.41.64357.1%Compare
Londrick Cortez WilsonOle MissNCAA1: 2005-06610.04.72.02433.3%Compare
Brandon PattersonOle MissNCAA1: 2005-0663.52.31.52433.3%Compare
Chris WarrenOle MissNCAA2: 2007-08 to 2008-09517.01.25.23260.0%Compare
Mike SmithOle MissNCAA1: 2005-0652.01.20.41420.0%Compare
Eniel PolyniceOle MissNCAA2: 2006-07 to 2007-0848.53.52.540100.0%Compare
Kenny WilliamsOle MissNCAA2: 2006-07 to 2007-0847.85.80.840100.0%Compare
Marquis YoungOle MissNCAA1: 2005-0641.02.00.31325.0%Compare
Deshawn PattersonOle MissNCAA2: 2006-07 to 2007-0830.01.30.330100.0%Compare
Trevor GaskinsOle MissNCAA1: 2007-0827.53.02.020100.0%Compare
Andy OgideOle MissNCAA1: 2006-0723.50.00.020100.0%Compare
Rodney JonesOle MissNCAA2: 2006-07 to 2007-0821.52.51.020100.0%Compare
Kiah BrownOle MissNCAA1: 2006-0721.00.01.020100.0%Compare
Will PooleOle MissNCAA1: 2007-0820.01.50.020100.0%Compare
Terrence WatsonOle MissNCAA1: 2007-0812.00.01.010100.0%Compare
Michael HalfordOle MissNCAA1: 2008-0910.01.00.0010.0%Compare
Greg HardyOle MissNCAA1: 2006-0710.01.00.010100.0%Compare

* 34 teammates found. All stats represent what the teammates of Patrick Spach averaged when they played with him in the selected games.