Paul Millsap hopes to return next season as a power forward.

"I like to get down there and get physical. I like to get down there and try to show my strength, try to be a macho man," Millsap said. "It's fun down there to actually go up against a 7-footer and you know you're undersized and you know people are telling you that you can't guard this guy, you can't do that.

"I take it as a challenge."

Figuring out how to use Al Jefferson and Millsap along with the up-and-coming Derrick Favors will be a challenge for coach Ty Corbin next season.

Asked about Millsap being used more in the small forward spot, Corbin answered "Not primarily."

Added the Jazz coach: "I think his natural position is a four, but there'll be opportunities to use him at three some."