Geoff Petrie is happy with how the Kings have progressed under coach Keith Smart.

"I think we're still trying to find ourselves in some areas in terms of trying to generate more efficient offense," Petrie said. "But the structure is better; the intensity has generally been pretty good.

"It's just a process now of continuing – and I think Keith's done a great job – of working individually with our young players and trying to educate them about what he wants and what they need to do to be better players and put that together into a team concept. And I think it is showing into some results."

Smart has focused on improving Tyreke Evans’ passing while encouraging him to remain aggressive in looking for opportunities to score.

"Tyreke's had moments of brilliance in some games, and he's still trying to grow into that, and he wants to grow into it," Petrie said. "I think at some point some of these medium-range jump shots will start to go down, and that will open a lot of new avenues for him. But he wants to be good, Keith wants him to be good, we all want him to be better, he's already good."