John Calipari has agreed to a book deal with Penguin Press for a volume called Players First.

"At its core, Calipari’s coaching philosophy centers on keeping his focus on the players—what they need to get the best out of themselves and one another," says Penguin in a press release. "He is beloved by his players for being utterly honest with them, not by making promises, but by making commitments that he always keeps. He knows that in this age, they come to Kentucky to prepare for the NBA; every year he gets players who in a previous era would have gone directly into the pros from high school but now have to play college basketball for one year. Calipari has fought against this system, but he has to play within it, and so he does, better than anyone."

Calipari led Kentucky to the 2012 National Championship and has sent more lottery picks to the NBA than any other college coach during his tenure.

"This book gives me the chance to go in-depth about how we do things at Kentucky and why we do what we do," wrote Calipari on Twitter.