Derrick Rose's brother, Reggie Rose, spoke with the media about how his recovery from a torn ACL is progressing.

"He was getting up at 6:30 every morning and working out with (Bulls assistant strength and conditioning coach) Nick Papendieck," Reggie Rose said. "He has a positive attitude. He's ready to go."

Rose expects to return for the preseason.

"Looking at his body, he's really strong. The only thing he has to work on is cardio and getting in game shape. But that will come (in training camp). I have no concerns about him physically."

Reggie Rose expected his brother to receive a backlash in not returning from his injury last season.

"Coming from Englewood, if someone says something negative about us or our family, it's like brushing crumbs off our shoulders," Reggie Rose said. "It's nothing to us. We made it through Englewood.

"Everybody is entitled to their opinion. That's all it was."

Reggie Rose also spoke of the loss of assistant coach Ron Adams.

"He'll come back at the level he was at before, and he's going to have a better jump shot when he comes back," Reggie Rose said. "He does a whole lot of shooting drills. He used to put up a lot of shots with Coach Adams. Unfortunately, Coach Adams isn't here anymore. That was kind of like his shooting buddy. And Coach Adams did a great job all last year and basically since he was in Chicago before the Bulls let him go."