Mike Woodson was taken aback by James Dolan’s “win-now” edict for the New York Knicks, according to sources. Woodson privately questioned why the Knicks' roster didn't have more veterans with "championship DNA" if a title in 2014 is the goal.

Dolan wanted the Knicks to get younger after they were eliminated in last year's playoffs by the Indiana Pacers with Jason Kidd and Rasheed Wallace underperforming.

Woodson has been willing to go along with Dolan's ways such as having a Garden employee follow him everywhere he goes, including when meeting with family and friends outside the locker room on a road trip.

“Expectations are high and they should be,” Woodson said. “I am not running from that as the coach. As the owner, Mr. Dolan being an owner of our team, he has every right to voice his opinion. This is his team, we all work for Mr. Dolan and I am happy to be a worker for Mr. Dolan.”