Rajon Rondo is shooting 36 percent on three-pointers this season, as he is seeing results from working on his shot with assistant coach Ron Adams.

“He was shooting better, from an opponent’s view point,” Adams said after practice Tuesday. “But like a lot of players, the technical part of his shooting, I thought, could be better.”

“I gotta give Ron Adams a lot of credit,” Rondo said recently. “He’s been with me since Day 1.’’

Adams said Rondo deserved the bulk of the credit, but their work together began with a simple notion.

“One of the things we talked about was knowing when you’re open and shooting the ball,” Adams said. “That’s a fundamental change for him in some ways.”

Rondo and Adams also examined every aspect of his shooting motion.

“You start with the feet,” Adams said. “You see how fluid the shot is through the feet and then you work your way up.”

Rondo's large hands also creates an issue with his shot.

“That’s a little bit of an issue with him,” Adams said. “It’s good to have big hands, but he’s working on certain things as far as catching and so on so that he can catch and release and spin the ball in the right way.”