The Miami Heat plan to continue with Greg Oden as the starting center indefinitely.

The Heat have had success over the past two seasons playing a small-ball style, so the presence of Oden is a dramatic change in strategy.

"My board in my office at the arena looks like the character from Beautiful Mind," Spoelstra said, "and so I have a lot of different scenarios. So it's one of the many scenarios that I've chewed on for the last six weeks or so."

With Chris Bosh legitimately extending his range to the three-point line, Spoelstra believes the Heat can maintain small-ball principles with Oden in the lineup.

"I've stressed that to our team, that last year's blueprint was for last year," Spoelstra said, "and the more we tried to pigeonhole ourselves into that blueprint, we might not be opening ourselves up to a more successful or necessary blueprint for this year, as the competition has changed. As it's gotten better, our team, our personnel has gotten better. It always changes."

Oden has yet to play on consecutive nights as he continues to get stronger after taking four years off.