The Los Angeles Lakers used Brandon Ingram at point guard in his NBA debut.

With Jose Calderon injured and Nick Young starting, Ingram showed promise bringing the ball up the floor.

“It helps engage him in the game. He’s a great basketball player and has a great feel for the game,” Luke Walton said. “When you’re handling the ball, even when you’re not shooting, just making passes. It’s a great way to force you into the game.”

“I felt like they went away when I got to the point guard position a little bit,” Ingram said.

“Knowing I can play-make for myself and play-make for other guys. When I got to the point guard position, it got a lot easier for me. I was making plays for my other teammates and making plays for myself.”

The Milwaukee Bucks have successfully used Giannis Antetokounmpo at point guard over the past year.