The Oklahoma City Thunder are unlikely to continue with their current trajectory of an expensive roster and the luxury tax ramifications. The Thunder will have a luxury tax bill of approximately $25 million this season and it would be even higher in 18-19.

The Thunder signed Russell Westbrook to a $233 million extension in training camp while Paul George can sign a new deal this offseason.

"If we're being honest with ourselves, this is a one-year run with this team," said Wojnarowski on his podcast. "They have one chance with this team because they cannot bring back this team together next year. Even if Paul George re-signs and says 'I want to stay.' Financially, it is impossible for this team, I don't want to say remotely look the same, but the idea of Carmelo, Westbrook and George on the same roster withe Melo opting into his salary next year.

"This would be an incredible bill for the New York Knicks, the Lakers or Steve Ballmer to pay, nevermind Clay Bennett in a small market like Oklahoma City."

Wojnarowski, Royce Young and Bobby Marks talked about how their decision to decline the option on Josh Huestis as an example of how they're already making cost conscious moves.