Rajon Rondo has interest in being both a head coach and general manager in the future.

“I want to be a general manager, and I want to be a head coach,” Rondo said. “Definitely both.”

Rondo is widely considered one of the game's most intelligent players. Because of that intelligence, Rondo has often been considered difficult for coaches to work with.

Rick Carlisle insists he’s not surprised by the success Rondo has found in New Orleans given “the assortment of shooters and finishers they have on that roster.”

“If you put the right pieces around Rondo, he is a proven champion,” Carlisle said. “We didn’t have the right personnel around him for things to work well in Dallas. The truth is that we were probably a worse fit for him than he was for us. He helps make New Orleans a very scary second-round opponent.”

“Every day in there is not a picnic, now," said Alvin Gentry.

“But I’d coach him again and again and again,” Gentry said. “He does respect coaching, I know that.”