Chris Paul is expected to re-sign with the Houston Rockets this offseason and he has become more focused on recruiting LeBron James to the franchise.

"His focus has been to stay in Houston all along," said Adrian Wojnarowski on ESPN's Monday night draft coverage. "Unless Houston blinked and sort of changed course on the kind of financial commitment, length of deal, that I think they thought they would do all along. They have shown no indication in Houston of not following through on the kind of big deal Chris Paul expected when he opted in and got traded there.

"You know, Chris is going to return there. Right now, his focus isn't so much on his own free agency, he's trying to recruit LeBron James to Houston. Somebody close to him said to me, 'He is as focused on recruiting LeBron as anything he's done in this league. He wants to find a way.'

"You know Daryl Morey in Houston is always big game hunting. They love the ability to make changes with their roster and cap, be creative. If LeBron said he wanted to come to Houston, they can find a way to make it happen."