The possibility of Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors in 2019 to sign with the New York Knicks has gained momentum.

"The New York Knicks have a very good shot at luring KD away from the Bay Area," said Chris Haynes on Fox Sports 1. "The reason I say that is his business partner, Rich Kleiman, is based in New York, huge New York Knicks fan. Their business is located and based in New York. KD’s dad is a big New York Knicks fan. The same allure that LeBron (James) had towards the Los Angeles Lakers – just the building, the culture – is the same thing, the same way, I know, that KD feels about the Knicks."

The Knicks project to have cap space to sign Durant, who didn't meet with them in 2016.

"Golden State does have the edge obviously," said Haynes.