Daryl Morey admitted that the Houston Rockets got outplayed in game 2 against the Golden State Warriors, and that the game wasn't as close as the final score indicated.

Morey did add that game 2 was well officiated.

“Game 2 was a very well officiated game, and like I said (before), they just kicked our ass. The game was actually not as close as the score. They beat us real good, and we have to respond in a much better way," said Morey.

Morey then addressed reasons as to why the Rockets offense appeared to struggle in the postseason, saying that they keep matching up against great defensive teams. 

“We’ve played five (playoff) series in the last two years, and four of the five were against basically the top defense in the league or a top three defense in the league. Utah (which held the Rockets to an offensive rating of 109.9 in a five-game, second-round matchup last season and 108.3 in their five-game, first-round series this season) and Golden State (11th in defensive rating the past two regular seasons) are extremely good defensive teams that are going to make anybody look bad," he added.

Morey then added that Warriors' "Death Lineup" will make any team look bad, the Rockets included.

“They’re putting just an unbelievable five on the floor against us to start the game – and I think maybe historically, one of the best five, if not the best five (ever) if you look at their overall net rating. People want to make it about our offense struggling against (them), but they can make anyone look bad. And they did make us look bad in Game 2 for sure.”