Jimmy Butler discussed his personality during an introductory press conference for the Miami Heat, acknowledging that he can get carried away by his passion for the game.

"I don't think I'm that bad of a guy. I'm not an a--hole like everybody thinks that I am. I'm a little extra at times. I don't think there's not too much wrong with that, either. If you do what I do every day, and other people don't go about it that way, I think you might have a problem with it, too. I love my job. I love the game. I love to work. I'm at it every single day at hours and times when people don't want to do it. I think, why doesn't everybody do what I do? To this day, I don't understand it. I really don't. Will I ever understand it? Probably not. Will I overreact? Probably so," said Butler.

Butler added that he sees his mentality in rookie Tyler Herro.

Pat Riley said that Butler's competitive personality fits with the Heat culture.

"We're going to find out throughout the course of the season how he meshes in with our team... We will see what his impact on winning is and that's what I'm encouraged about. I definitely embrace all of the qualities that he has."