Doc Rivers commented on the unique nature of the Los Angeles Clippers season following their 150-125 win over the Washington Wizards, saying that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have yet to practice together on the same team.

"I don't know how many years I've coached, 20 maybe, but I've never had it where my best two players going into Game 21 have yet to have a practice together on the floor -- not one. They've had one practice where they're opposing [each other in practice], but they have yet to be in the same lineup and have a practice," said Rivers, whose Clippers improved to 15-6 on the season.

Leonard finished the game with 34 points, while George added 31.

Leonard said that the Clippers can still improve their offense despite scoring 150 points.

"We're still up-and-down, sometimes our offense is stagnant ... or doing early quick shots without moving the ball. But we can be special."